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Size Chart

To determine your ring size:

1. Cut a strip of paper five inches (5") long and one-half inch (1/2") wide.

2. Wrap the paper strip around the base of the appropriate finger.

3. Use a pen or pencil to mark the point on the paper where the outside end of the paper strip overlaps (forming a complete circle).

4. With a ruler, measure the length from the outside end to the mark on the paper to the nearest millimeter, rounding up if necessary.

5. Find the closest measurement below in millimeters and look to determine your ring size.

Size 1- 39.1mm
Size 2- 41.7mm
Size 3- 42.9mm
Size 4- 44.2mm
Size 5- 44.8mm
Size 6- 46.1mm
Size 7- 46.8mm
Size 8- 48.0mm
Size 9- 49.3mm

This method provides an approximate ring size. If you are still unsure after measuring with this method, we recommend that you consult a jeweler for the most accurate ring size.